Hercule Poirot
Profession: Detective
Home: Belgium
Appearances: All
Actor: David Suchet

Hercule Poirot was a Belgian detective.


Hercule Poirot was born some considerable time before World War I. He is a retired Belgian police. [source needed]

While Poirot was travelling on the Orient Express, Samuel Ratchett was murdered. Poirot identified his as Cassetti, an American criminal who killed a child.

After solving the murder, Poirot damned the criminals for taking the law into their own hands. Mary Debenham attempted to make him see that the crime was justified by Cassetti's evil doings. When the police arrived he lied, telling them that the murderer had escaped and was still on the loose and allowing the criminals to go free. As he walked away he still worried over his choice to not turn them in. (S12: Murder on the Orient Express)